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Raising Over $150,000 to Date!


Blue Steal Merlot, Michigan Pino Gris

Bo Wines is a joint project between Kathy Schembechler, the widow of the great U of M Football Coach Bo Schembechler, a handful of life long friends and Doug Wanty of O&W, Inc., a local beer and wine distributor. The project started in 2010 with just Bo Merlot in the first series of the collection and followed up in 2011 with the edition of a Sauvignon Blanc to the line up. Each year a $2 per bottle donation has been givent to the U of M Cardiovascular Center where Bo was treated in the last years of his life.

Bo Wines have been well received by Michigan fans near and far and to date the sale of the wine has generated over $150,000 in donations for the U of M Cardiovascular Center.

Now in it’s third year, the team of long time friends and family have stepped up the project and made changes to Bo Wines that are sure to create excitement! The 2012 edition of Bo Wines includes a Steel Blue Merlot and a Michigan Pino Gris and are both Michigan Made wines! There has also been a package redesign with beautiful graphics, Bo’s signature and the Michigan Cardiovascular Center logo have been added to the label.

The selling season will be shortened up this year to match the U of M Football season, but will be sold throughout the state of Michigan so “Cheers” to a good cause and GO BLUE!

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