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O&W serves seven counties and delivers over 160 brands of beer to 2100 retail locations. The beers we carry have been sorted into these categories. Click on each for a full listing of O&W, Inc. Products!

Domestic Beers

Import Beers

Craft Beers

Progressive Adult Beverages


Bo Wines

Water, Soda, Mixers


Within each category, the brands are listed with availability information by county, time and package type.

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  • Latitude 42 Brewing Company lat 42 logo

    Latitude 42 Brewing Company

    The newest jewel in Western Michigan! Latitude 42 Brewing Company is a gorgeous restaurant and the first microbrewery in Portage, Michigan.

    Scott Freitas is a much respected and experienced brewer hailing from Deschutes Brewing Company, and Maui Brewing Company. Freitas brings his signature Pale Ale, Spank Dog, named after his

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