Alcohol Responsibility

Alcohol Responsibility

Spanning 7 counties, O&W is located among dozens of large High Schools and College Campuses, including the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College.  Alcohol Responsibility is a top priority at O&W as we try to protect the communities that we service and live in.

iPhone Apps

Taxifinder iPhone App

Miller Lite Taxi Finder helps people get home safe.

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Download the Taxifinder app on your iPhone to get a cab anywhere in the country. With the touch of a button, Taxifinder  will route you to the phone number of a local cab company wherever you are out in.




High School Programs

Parents Unite Against Underage Drinking booklet, MBWWA

Parents Unite Against Underage Drinking Booklets

Parents Unite to Prevent Underage Drinking is a joint project of the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principles (MASSP) and the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association (MB&WWA). Together, our two organizations are committed to reducing underage drinking in our communities by producing this 27 page booklet full of information for parents.  Topics include: opening up the conversation about alcohol, prevention, consequences, and number of helpful websites and organizations that are devoted to helping families with underage drinking.

In 2009, over 10,000 handed out to High Schools and local community groups, local legislators, School Principals and health professionals  in May during the Prom and Graduation season.  The booklets are FREE! To view the booklet and order them today, visit the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers website.

On Premise Premise Programs

Driverse License Guides

The Drivers License Guide shows all valid driver’s license formats issued by each U.S. state and Canadian province, as well as those issued by U.S. and Canadian territories in one handy booklet.  License samples are shown in full color, at a slightly reduced size.  These booklets a valuable resource for Doormen and store owners checking identification, especially around College campuses.

As part of our Millercoors Respect 21 Preventing Underage Drinking Program,  e order one case of booklets a year for our accounts, and they go fast!

Tips Training

O&W encourages all of our On Premise accounts to get their Wait Staff and Bar Tenders Tips trained and certified.   Mike Starr, Sales Supervisor with O&W, has been a certified Tips Instructor for over 17 years and has trained and certified over 2,500 people.

Have your TIPS training at O&W! For more information about TIPS email Mike at

Mike Starr, O&W, tips training

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