2011 Mott Classic

Mott Classic, O&W, Mott Children's Hospital, Beer, Michigan2011 Mott Classic

This year proved to be one the best Mott Classics in recent history. Golf kicked off early Monday morning, June 6th, at Barton Hills, Radrick and Eagle Crest Marriott with an extra 62 players this year, a record 300 people were in attendace for this important cause. The weather was beautiful and everyone finished play by 3pm where they met at Barton Hills for a Beer Tasting sponsored by O&W, and dinner followed at 4:45 in the banquet room.

The Mott Golf Classic has become one of Michigan’s most successful charitable golf outings. In 2010, the Classic raised more than $600,000 of support for patients & families, assisted technology initiatives and our capital commitment to fund the construction of the Ronald McDonald House within a hospital.

The Mott Golf Classic has assisted in enabling the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital to provide more than just medical treatment.  The funds raised by the Classic allow the Children’s Hospital to provide a community of care for patients and their caregivers.

“O&W, Inc. has supported this event as long as we can remember. Mott is important to the people here in Ann Arbor and  around the country as they play such a critical role in helping children and their families get the treatment they need.” Doug Wanty, Executive Vice President O&W, Inc. “Each year we look forward to this event and are honnored to help”.

O&W, Inc. contributes at the Major Sponsorship donation level of monetary support.

Mott Classic 2011 Barton Hills

Scott Upton, Jeff Garvin, Jim Wanty, Steve Crowley

Beer Tasting Event at Barton Hills

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