Millercoors: Miller Lite

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Miller Lite is the great tasting, less filling beer that defined the American light beer category in 1975. Today, Miller Lite is the ultimate light beer, known for its inherent quality of great taste. Miller Lite is the only beer to win four gold awards in the World Beer Cup® for best American-Style light

Millercoors: Coors Light

coors light

Coors Light is a light beer produced by the Coors Brewing Company. It was first produced in 1978. The beer has a “Cold Certified” label which turns the mountains on the label from white to blue when the beer’s temperature is lowered to 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit).

Millercoors: Coors Banquet


In 1916, prohibition hits Colorado three years before the rest of the country. Undaunted, the brewery is ordered to drain 561 barrels. Beer production halts. Undaunted, Coors concentrates on its successful porcelain business, while also producing malted milk and near-beer.

In 1936, Coors adds “Banquet Beer” to its name. As legends go, area miners

Millercoors: Miller 64


Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Here’s to the better you!

Miller 64 is brewed by the YOU that puts in the work because it’s worth it. The YOU that takes the stairs. The YOU that wakes up every Saturday to play Softball. The better YOU may be different in everyone, but Miller 64 is the

Millercoors: Miller Genuine Draft


Miller Genuine Draft delivers a fresh from the tap taste through its proprietary “cold-filtered four times” brewing process. Introduced nationally in 1986, Miller Genuine Draft was born as a “cut-above,” as the original cold-filtered packaged draft beer.

Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI. 4.7%ABV, 143 Calories.



Package Type: package and draft

County: Washtenaw,

Millercoors: Miller High Life

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Miller High Life

Miller High Life, the “champagne of beers,” dates to 1903. Miller High Life is a classic American-style lager recognized for its consistently crisp, smooth taste and iconic clear-glass bottle.

Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI. 4.3%ABV, 147 Calories.





Package Type: package and draft

County: Washtenaw, Livingston, Monroe, Jackson, Hillsdale,

Pabst Brewing Company: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a premium lager brew crafted with a hefty infusion of 6-row barley in its ingredient package, and a unique combination of Pacific domestic hops blended with an imported Yugoslavian variety.

Pabst Brewing Company Woodridge, IL. 5.0% ABV





Package Type: package and draft

County: Washtenaw, Livingston, Hillsdale,

Honey Brown Lager

Honey Brown Lager Bottle

Check out Honey Brown Lager!

Okay. Here’s the truth. Original Honey Brown Lager is a quality medium-bodied beer that goes down smooth with every sip. Dundee Brewing Company, the original brewer, has been brewing Honey Brown the same way since capping the first

Shiner Beers

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Since 1909, every drop of Shiner Beer has brewed at Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas (population 2,096). Today, our little brewery sends more than 6 million cases of delicious Shiner beer to states across the country. We think our founder, Kosmos Spoetzl, would be pretty proud.

Available in Washtenaw, Livingston,

Batch 19

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Batch 19

In 1919, beer was banned. Barrels were broken. Breweries went belly up. Drinking a beer became an act of protest against those in power. Each toast was a citizen’s demand to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. When beer became legal again 14 years later, it was never the same. That is, until a

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