Tour the Warehouse

Tour the Warehouse


A new Warehouse was built in 2003, where all facets of the business reside.

The facility is 135,000sq feet on 13 acres of land.  We are centrally located in our selling territory with the longest travel time being about 60 minutes in any direction.


The 35,000sqsq foot expansion on the North side of the warehouse is complete! The new space adds 25,000sq feet of  temperature controlled beer floor space, 7,500sq foot keg cooler to the back of the warehouse and 2,500sq feet of cold docking space to load beer right into the keg cooler from the trucks.

Beer Room
Beer Room, Stacks of Beer

Main Floor of Beer Room

Pick Isles

Beer Room Pick Area

Rack System

Package beer resides in 65,000sq feet of temperature controlled space,set at 66 degrees.The main storage area hold the highest volume packages.Two main pick areas hold 95% of the SKU's picked everyday.

Keg Room

Our newly expanded Keg Cooler is now 12,500sq ft of 38-40 degree, temperature controlled cold space housing our keg beer and packaged craft beer. Kegged and craft beer are both loaded in and loaded directly from this space.


Drive Thru
The Drive Thru is one of the busiest places in the warehouse but you wouldn’t know it. The trucks are loaded at night and parked inside for the driver’s to take out the next morning at 5am. Once the deliveries are done and the trucks come on back home,  they are stipped of the empties here also. In between all the action, we wash the floor eveyday.
Recycling the Empty Cans

Can Crusher, Recycling

brick of crushed cans, recycling, beer

pallet of crushed cans, recycling, beer distributor


Empties are brought back to the warehouse and the cans are crushed by this machine and made into bricks.

brick of crushed cans, recycling, beerThis is one brick of crushed cans, about 13 cases

Here is a finished pallet of crushed cans, about 30,000 cans!

Pallets are then loaded onto a Schupan Recycling semi parked out back and they come 2 to 3 times a month to pick up all the crushed cans and process them at their plant in Kalamazoo, MI.

Driver’s Room
Driver's Room, O&W, Beer Distributor







The Driver’s start their day in this room picking up their palms, wireless printers and any communications.

This is where they also total up their invoices and turn in the money at the end of the day. Michigan is a cash only state, so the drivers reconcile everything at the end of the day.

P.O.S. Room and Sign Shop
P.O.S. Room, O&W

As P.O.S. arrives daily, it is sorted by brand and stored in the P.O.S. room so it is easy for the Sales Team to “shop”.

The Sign shop is next door and is where we create all of our custom banners, signs andposters on large format printers.




Service Garage
Service Garage, O&W Inc

The one and only, Mark Faulkner.

The facility also includes a full service repair garage. Mark Faulkner services all of the vehicles and equipment at O&W. He also maintains the building and has been the lead on several of the “Green” projects at O&W, researching the mechanics and effectiveness of the improvements and then installing the equipment.

He also eats about a pound of radishes a day - so many that we grew him a crop right outside!

Hops Garden

Hops Garden, Beer Distributor, beer Hopps growing outside of O&W beer distributing

This is the second year of our Hops garden! Featured along the rope systems are 2 plants of Mt. Hood Hops and 2 plants of Kent Goldings Hops. We ordered them from Northwest Hops.  Next year we plan to use them in an 80th Anniversary beer that we will brew with one of our suppliers.

Green, Environmental Responsability, Recycling, Building upgrades

Green Projects in the Warehouse

  • August 22, 2011, 73 Solar Panels are installed on the roof of O&W.
  • A new plastic compressor is installed in the warehouse to crush all the plastic wrap into cubes. Petosky Plastic will pick up semi loads full once a month to recycle at their plant.
  • 2011 We are growing Hops at the warehouse.
  • On December 15th, 2009, the final phase of total light replacement in the warehouse was completed.  160 Metal Halide lights were replaced with T5 Florescent tubes which produce no heat and use 60% less energy.  The old lights were donated to Share house of Ann Arbor, a non-profit organization, to light their warehouse.
  • 2009, 10 motion sensors were installed  with the new lights throughout the warehouse to only light areas when needed.
  • 2008, 4 24 foot high powered fans were installed in January in the Drive-thru of the Warehouse circulating the air to naturally cool and heat the building.  The furnace turned on only  twice over the colder months of 2009.
  • 2008, 5 new energy efficient dock seals were installed on the loading docks making them more air tight and drier when it rains and snows.
  • 2007,  speed regulators were installed in all 23 delivery trucks capping their top speed at 68 mph.  At this time auto shut offs were  also installed  so the truck can not be left on  idling for over 5 minutes.
  • 2006 purchased 5 Route Saver Delivery Trucks that are loaded with the beer placed onto racks to ensure a fuller truck, resulting in 3 less Delivery Trucks on the road in the last 4 years.
  • 2006, re-lamped the Keg Cooler in by installing Cooper Metal Luxlight fixture, each with a Cold Temp sensory timer to turn on when motion is detected.

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