Sales Division

 O&W Sales Division

Our Sales force is unmatched in years of training and service in the Beer business.

We also offer services in:

  • Draft Solutions, Fair and Festival needs
  • Graphic Design and custom printed materials
  • Cooler and warm shelf reset services
  • Tips training and custom Alcohol Responsibility programs
  • Special deliveries and weekend needs

Sales Team

  • One Sales Manager overseeing the entire Sales Department.
  • One Marketing Manager working with Suppliers to develop monthly Sales Plans and Incentives, Sales Reporting and specialty projects with both Sales and Operations. She also does local PR, maintains the website and all social media sites.
  • Five Pre Sell teams lead by a Sales Supervisor, four to six front line Sales Reps (one team has six), covering both On and Off Premise accounts selling in new product placements, displays, cooler reset programs, and P.O.S. placements. Each team has a support person titled Sales Coordinator. The Sales Coordinator relieves pre-sell routes, helps with P.O.S. placement, resets and makes all signs for the team.
  • One Salesman is devoted to Detroit Metro Airport.
  • One Tell Sell person who also produces specialty P.O.S., Table Tents and menu programs. This person’s account base is 276 accounts representing the lower 3% of O & W’s volume.
  • Two Chain Store Supervisor responsible for meeting with all the key Off Premise Chain Store Management in our 10 Major Chains: CVS, Kmart, Busch’s, Kroger, Meijer, Rite Aid, Costco, Sam’s Club, Seven Eleven, Wal-Mart and Walgreens. He is responsible for communicating all Off Premise Chain Store information to the sales team.
  • One Merchandising Manager, 27 Merchandisers.
  • Three full time Space Management people focused on Resets in both the Chains and Independent stores. The Chain Supervisor is also trained in the software.
  • Three full time Draft Specialists/Community Events Leaders, one Full Time swing and one Full Time summer helper.


Meijer Reset

Tagging Shelves at a Meijer Reset

Reset Team

  • O&W has 3 Full Time Space Management people  focused on Resets in both the Chains and Independent stores.
  • The  team  is also trained in the Space Planning Software.
  • The analysts complete both Chain resets and Independent resets throughout the year.
  • Chain make up 33% of the Off Premise account mix with 248 Chains.
  • Independents make up 67% of our Off Premise account mix with 509 Independents.

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