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Five Generations of History at

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Old town tavern, ann arbor michigan, beer truck, 1920's

Old Town Tavern, Ann Arbor, MI

O&W Inc. began in the mid 1920’s when William Seagert owned a Tavern in Ann Arbor.  Though the Tavern was named the Union Bar during his ownership today it still exists at the same location as the Old Town.  During this time of prohibition, Seagert would haul truck loads of Near Beer and Birch Beer (soft drink similar to yet distinct from root beer) from the Stroh Brewery Company in Detroit for his own use and distribute the rest to taverns in the Ann Arbor area and as far west as Chelsea.  At the repeal of Prohibition, William Seagert decided to continue running the family tavern in Ann Arbor, and passed the distributorship to his son-in-law, James O’Kane.

Hugh Wanty, Stroh Beer, O&W Inc,

Hugh Wanty

With the repeal of Prohibition the Three Tier System was established: Manufacturer, Distributor and Retailer.  James J. O’Kane was a pioneer in the Distribution segment working out of a garage on Depot Street and then moving to a warehouse on 4th Avenue in Ann Arbor.  His son-in-law, Hugh Wanty, joined the firm in 1948 to start the third generation of the business.  Mr. O’Kane and Mr. Wanty moved the growing business and purchased a warehouse on Jackson Road west of Ann Arbor in 1954.  In 1956 O’Kane and Wanty incorporated creating the company name O & W, Inc. still in use today.

In the early 1960’s Hugh Wanty began his legacy by looking for ways to make the business more efficient and profitable.  He began by acquiring the Goebel Distributor in 1962 then integrated a wine business to make the operation flow on a more seasonal basis.  His biggest leap occurred with the purchase of the Miller Brewing Company distributor in 1967.  Hugh’s son Jim joined the business full time in 1972 and son Douglas joined the business  in 1983 to complete the fourth generation.

With Hugh’s retirement in 1990 his son’s Jim and Doug Wanty assumed the reins and in 1998, purchased the Miller distributor in western Wayne and Monroe Counties.  This purchase tripled the current business while expanding the O & W, Inc. territory eastward.  In 2003, a new more centralized warehouse was built moving O&W to Ypsilanti then added on to in 2012 with a totaling 135,000sq ft., 65,000sq ft. of beer floor space and 12,500sq ft. of cooler space.

Jim Wanty, Doug Wanty, O&W Inc., fifth generation family beer distributor, Ann Arbor Michigan

Jim and Doug Wanty with pictures of William Seagert, James O’Kane and Hugh Wanty


O&W purchased the overlapping Coors Distributor in Wayne County in 2011 creating a consolidated MillerCoors house in Wayne County. March 2013 O&W acquired another distributor growing their market share in their home market while adding new selling territory in Jackson, Hillsdale and Lenawee Counties. One month later, another distributor in Monroe, Michigan, was also purchased. With this latest purchase, O&W now delivers close to five million cases of beer annually to seven counties and employs  over 170 people.

Jim’s daughters Kit Morgeson and Jamie Brooks also work at O&W representing the fifth generationKit Morgeson, Jamie Brooks, O&W Inc, Ann Arbor, Beer Distributors of family to work in the beer biz!


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