Viru Premium Estonian Beer

Introducing Viru a Pilsner Style beer brewed in Tartu, Estonia, by the A. Le Coq brewery. Viru is brewed with water drawn from artesian wells at the brewery and Saaz hops from the city in the Czech Republic where the hops has been growing for seven centuries. Viru is known for its distinctive octagonal shaped

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Made With Michigan Cherries!

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is brewed with Michigan Cherries!

Just in time for Michigan’s Cherry Festivals and all of those booths along the sides of the 2 lane highways in Northern Michigan, is an Ale brewed with cherries. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is crisp and fruity with a hint of honey.

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat®

2011 Mott Classic

2011 Mott Classic

This year proved to be one the best Mott Classics in recent history. Golf kicked off early Monday morning, June 6th, at Barton Hills, Radrick and Eagle Crest Marriott with an extra 62 players this year, a record 300 people were in attendace for this important cause. The weather was beautiful and

Help Iran and Afghanistan Veterans Live the “High Life”

Turn in your bottle caps and pull tabs to help Vets live the “High Life”.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association (IAVA) was founded in 2004 and is the country’s first and largest non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of OIF/OEF veterans and their families. The IAVA has more than 125,000 veteran

Just Planted the Hops!

Here is our Hops Garden!

We planted the 4 Hops plants along the trellises so they have somewhere to climb – then with some perennial friends around them.

We have 2 Mt. Hood and 2 Cascade plants. If you are a home brewer, keep watching, we will be giving our harvest away in the fall!

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